Public Reusable Research (PuRe) Data is a designation for key data repositories, knowledge bases, analysis platforms, and other activities that strive to make data publicly available to advance scientific or technical knowledge. Spanning the range of the DOE Office of Science (SC) mission, these data resources include a data center for atmospheric data and model products, data repositories and knowledge bases for biological and environmental research, and a materials database for physical sciences. Each resource is an authoritative provider of data or capabilities in their respective subject area. Together, these high-quality public resources play a strategic role in advancing the SC mission while making data easier to find, access, and reuse across the broader scientific community.

Designation as a PuRe Data Resource does more than simply recognize the importance of these investments -- it carries the weight of SC stewardship. SC manages these resources under an oversight model with high standards for data management, resource operations, and scientific impact. The designated PuRe Data Resources go above and beyond the standard SC requirements for data management plans and act as community leaders in data stewardship.